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If you need to seek asylum in the United States, you may understand that you need to complete the legal process of applying for asylum and that a skilled Maryland immigration attorney can help you achieve a successful result on that application. What you may not know, however, is that this step involves more than hiring any attorney. To best protect yourself and give yourself the maximum chance of a successful outcome, you need to best you’re selecting not just an attorney but rather the right attorney.

Attorney misconduct is harmful to any client victimized by it. However, some clients bear an especially high risk. For asylum applicants, competent representation is especially crucial, as (much like some criminal defendants) the difference between success and failure may literally be a matter of life and death.

The harrowing story of one Cameroonian man who narrowly avoided deportation is an example of exactly this.

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The United States military action in Afghanistan began in the weeks following the September 11th attacks and spanned for nearly two decades. During that time, many citizens of that country (and surrounding states like Pakistan) aided coalition forces’ efforts. When U.S. forces left and the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in 2021, the changes placed those allies in grave danger. As a result, many of them may now qualify for asylum in the U.S. However, like with any asylum application, the process can be complicated and difficult, making the services of an experienced Maryland asylum lawyer especially important.

One such ally (and eventual asylum applicant)  was S.U., a Pakistani businessman who sold supplies to coalition forces. After the Taliban regained the reigns of power in 2021, they threatened to kill him if he did not pay them exorbitant sums of money. The businessman refused and, as a result, lost “his business, home, and nearly his life.” Fearing imminent death, he fled to the United States.

His asylum case is an example of how challenging the process can be. Despite his evidence of past persecution from the Taliban, immigration authorities concluded that the man didn’t qualify for asylum. The evidence showed that the man lived in a rural part of northwestern Pakistan situated on the Afghan border, that his business sold vehicles and tires to coalition forces during the war and, as a result, the Taliban threatened to kill him unless he paid the equivalent of nearly 1 million (USD).

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LGBTQ+ people face many serious challenges. LGBTQ+ people in countries outside the U.S. often face especially dire risks, as being “outed” (or even just failing to conform to traditional gender norms) may place a person at risk of beatings, whippings, or even violent death. For those folks — both those who are LGBTQ+ or even those who are perceived to be — asylum may be a viable option. Achieving a favorable result in your asylum application is often an intricate and complicated process and one where it’s well worth your while to have an experienced Maryland asylum lawyer on your side.

In discrimination law, there exists something called “perceptive discrimination.” This refers to discrimination against workers (or job candidates) because they are perceived to be a member of a protected class. Discrimination because someone is an actual member of a protected group is illegal, but discrimination imposed because the employer believed the worker/applicant was a member of a protected class is just as illegal, even if the target, in fact, wasn’t a member of that group.

One place where perceptive discrimination comes up with some frequency is sexual orientation discrimination. The law recognizes that workers may not be punished because they’re gay — or because a decision-maker thought they were gay. Both situations are wrong, regardless of the target’s actual orientation.

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