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One of the greatest risks undocumented immigrants face is potential deportation or being barred from re-entry. For some of those people, help may be available in the form of an I-601a waiver, a/k/a a provisional waiver. To be eligible, you must be a relative of a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Of course, there’s much more to it than that, and going about seeking a provisional waiver the wrong way can have extreme consequences, which is why, when you’re ready to apply for an I-601a waiver, it is vitally important to obtain the services of a skillful Maryland inadmissibility waiver lawyer.

A waiver case from just a few hours to our north is a very clear example of just how harsh the price of making a wrong procedural step can be.

As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, the immigrant was a Mexican national whose parents brought her to this country when she was four years old. 26 years later, the woman, by then married to a Pennsylvania man and the mother of five American children, traveled to Mexico. Her plan was to enter Mexico, apply for a visa, then re-enter the U.S. legally.

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When you’re seeking to engage with the immigration process, one thing you likely desire is to obtain a resolution as quickly as possible. Part of doing that means utilizing processes that can deliver results and avoiding traveling avenues that are inherently dead-ends. An experienced Maryland hardship waiver lawyer can help you not only to navigate the process but to do so as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.

The story of H.L. is an example of “what not to do.” The woman filed Form I-601A (Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver) in December 2020 and, as of May 2022, still had not received an adjudication from the Department of Homeland Security.

Based on those facts, the woman, who proceeded without a lawyer, filed a federal lawsuit here in Maryland in which she asked the judge to order the government to “adjudicate her… application in a timely manner.” The case was essentially doomed from the start.

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